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How 6 Successful Companies Keep Their Employees Motivated

How 6 Successful Companies Keep Their Employees Motivated

Organizations big and small understand the need to invest in their employees as it gives returns in the form of morale, productivity, lower turnover, and profitability. Here are some companies who have got it right as far as their employees are concerned. Their success speaks for itself!

The Coca-Cola Company

More than 7,00,000 associates are a part of the Coca-Cola family. The Coca-Cola team strongly believes their success depends solely on motivated and committed employees. They appreciate their employees for the significant role they play in facilitating the Company accomplish their objectives.

Coca-Cola keeps their workforce happy through great benefits and perks. In addition to a generous benefits package, they still offer benefits that other companies have walked away from. These include education benefits like tuition reimbursement and a renewable undergraduate scholarship fund. They also have a Matching Gifts Program up to $10,000 per participant. Additional perks include vacation purchase program, local health club discounts as well as telecommuting, on-site dry cleaning, concierge service and automobile discount plan.

In addition, Coca-Cola also effectively communicates with their employees through constructive dialogue along with employee surveys to be aware of real-time feedback from their employees.

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks provides non-monetary incentives including workplace perks like free group exercise classes. Teams that workout together stays together?

Moreover, the animation company offers personalized workstations and free smoothies to engage their employees. They also involve them in engagement initiatives to keep the environment uplifted.

On the employees part, these incentives are not taken as distractions. Rather they are seen as perks of a demanding job where it is possible to lose motivation and feel overworked in order to provide constant growth of the company. A lot can be learned from their practices, even in the form of small daily changes, which tell employees their contribution to the company.

DreamWorks’s success, therefore, is a result of a combination of the strategies and incentives mentioned above, all of which foster an engaged workplace culture allowing employees to feel valued and let their creativity thrive.

Google & Facebook

Google is renowned for providing a workplace environment in sync with staff happiness and performance. They pull out all the stops, including free chef-cooked meals, complimentary laundry, and childcare services at their campus.
Google goes even further to show they value their employee’s opinions by allowing them to participate in the hiring process. Additionally, Google and its online rival Facebook offer free food along with an atmosphere of creativity and playfulness. Facebook also believes in discussing its values in meetings and in its employee communications.
Fun Fact: Google has a job satisfaction rate of 84 percent while Facebook has a whopping 93 percentage of content employees! These are some really huge numbers for such massive companies achieved solely by building an engaging environment. They top the charts of “Top 50 companies to work in” as told in Business Insider.


The best opportunity for engaging your employees is to begin at the very beginning, and Rosie McCarthy of L’Oreal knows that better than anyone. The L’Oreal team has experienced an increase of 50% in the loyalty shown by customers if their employees are satisfied. Hence, they believe in retaining their employees even if it’s expensive.

They have introduced a culture app called ‘Fit’ to welcome new employees. The app reaches up to 10,000 new hires per year and is available in 11 languages, helping new recruits navigate the L’Oreal culture and complete real-life “missions.” L’Oreal was acknowledged universally for its ethical business practices by the Ethisphere Institute.


Richard Branson is arguably one of the greatest leaders of our generation. And it’s not necessarily because of his wild PR adventures or cheeky selfies with napping employees, but because he built a company that champions the employee. He is a firm believer of the policy “if the staff is pleased, customers are bound to follow.” Branson has built a successful business environment where people enjoy working and playing hard.

Employees have shared stories about receiving calls from their engaging leader Richard Branson thanking them for their service. In some cases, they have also received a written note of thanks for all that they have done for the company or a letter of recommendations signed personally by him. If you have him as a leader, why would you want to go and work somewhere else?

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