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4 Reasons You Need Text Messaging for HR Communication in 2018

4 Reasons You Need Text Messaging for HR Communication in 2018

Reach out to a human resources manager at a company of your choice and ask them what their biggest challenges are, and you’ll probably get a similar answer from most: the biggest challenge is effectively improving communication. Stellar communication between HR reps, between HR reps and staff members, and between management and HR reps brings about the ability to handle every new change and challenge without missing a beat or getting caught up in complicated details of relaying information.

The answer to proper communication in HR could be in SMS text messaging. Take a look at a few of the biggest reasons you do need text marketing for HR communications in 2018.

Ensure Critical Information Is Relayed Quickly

Did you know that 8 out of 10 employees keep their smartphone within visible distance while they are at work? Now, imagine how convenient that fact would be if you needed to get in touch with as many employees as possible to relay important information. For example, if a major storm threat in the area called for employees to take cover at their workstation, you could send out a mass SMS alert and reach far more people than you would if you had to go inform everyone on foot.

Simplify the Process of Gathering Feedback

Maybe you ran a recent workplace promotion, or perhaps you want employee insight on when would be the best time to host the next open enrollment meeting. Response rates with text messaging are good, and most text messages do get opened right away. With text messaging, you can:

  • Take a vote on an upcoming company event
  • Get employee opinions on recent workflow or scheduling changes
  • Reap valuable feedback on the performance of new teammates from supervisors
  • Grab surveyed data from employees about their overall satisfaction with their jobs

The ability to get feedback quickly allows your HR department to make changes quickly, incorporate new ideas on the fly, and operate the business in general with the help of those in the workforce whose opinions matter the most.

Motivate Employees Easily to Boost Morale in the Company

According to Gallup, 70 percent of employees aren’t giving it their all at work:

By the end of 2012, as the U.S. inched toward a modest economic recovery, only 30% of American workers were engaged, or involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their workplace.

A lot can be said for simple motivational motions on behalf of HR. When you have a rather large workplace environment, it can be difficult to engage with every individual employee to let them know they’re doing a good job or provide encouragement. But if you have the power of SMS messaging on your side, sending out a kudos or good-job message is a simple thing.

Make Scheduling a More Streamlined Process

One of the biggest pains of any HR department in 2018 is scheduling. Schedules are constantly changing or needing to be reworked because of absences or changes in workflow and production demands. If you use text messaging for scheduling processes, it makes it much easier to save time by text automating employee shift scheduling, send out an alert if you need extra help on certain days, let employees know there will be mandatory overtime, or even ask an employee to fill another’s shift.

The fact of the matter is, communication is one of the most vital components of an effective HR department in the year 2018, and text messaging can simplify so many important tasks. From scheduling and employee engagement, text messaging could change how the entire business functions as a whole.

Author Biography:
Joel Lee

Joel Lee is the SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases.

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