Our company priorities change constantly all the time. How do I engage my employees in this situation?


It feels like our company priorities change like flavors of the month. It is very hard for me to explain to my employees why it is so and how they can make a difference in the company direction. Please help. How do I lead my team in this situation?

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  1. That is a great question. This happens in corporations all the time. When you are inside the company it is hard to understand why, but if you look at it from outside, in a lot of situations it is because they are being hit hard by market forces and are trying to respond to that. Often times, the leaders don’t explain to their employees why it happens though. My recommendation to you is that you should have an open conversation with your leader on what is going on with your team and ask them how you can help get the message across more effectively. This would make the employees more engaged in the process and also help your leadership in getting you engaged and be part of the problem solving process as well

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